Brigitte Bardot turns ONE

The Par Three

A little night time Par Three course action at LaFortune.
I got a par!

Fresh flowers!

Gorgeous flowers from my handsome fiance. 

Dillan's first haircut. July 13th, 2012.

Dillan's very 1st home haircut vs. 
her very 1st REAL haircut w/ Tina at the salon.

She watched in the mirror with fascination.

She helped Tina comb out her hair before the cut.

Dillan and Tina. 


The freshest of markets on the block.

The Fresh Market by our house is open! I repeat, The Fresh Market is open for business. So far we are in love with the rotisserie chicken, ciabatta, parmesan cheese, filet mignon, and we must not forget the chocolate milk. Also a special shout out my dozen long stem roses. Thank you, H. They brighten my bathroom counter like no other.

Food I'm obsessed with this week:

The Kim Pizza
Teacher's grading scale: A+

Flat out multigrain flat bread, pizza sauce, graded queso fresca, ricotta, fresh spinach, ham slices, toasted to perfection in the toaster oven. Less that 300 calories for the entire thing.

Mexican dinner with the girls.

Dillan Grace and mommy.
Making faces, of course.

Savy, Addy, and Dillan.


We got inked. Leap day 2012.

This is it, bigger than marriage, almost nutty. We're ready.

Where are we again?
I am declaring my love for RC right now.